Zonemaking in the US

Tonight USA and San Francisco in California got their first ”real” zones. I’ve been upp almost all night building cool zones…
I guess an iOS release is getting close now.

I was quite surprised when a turfer showed up and started to take the fresh zones close to Fisherman’s Wharf 🙂

It was mpmoke,  probably a Swede visiting SF.

Well goodnight USA, more to come…


Just when I took the screenshot, mpmoke seems to gone offline 🙂 only a shadow remains of him in the pic…


I got myselves a new favouritezone! UnleashedDogs 🙂 Worked on it quite a bit, wiould love to here some response.

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7 reaktioner till “Zonemaking in the US

  1. Good to see the progress in painting the world yellow. Lets hope they don’t stay yellow too long 🙂


  2. Tja!! Tänkte bara fråga om Bålsta kan få mer zoner? Det skulle va mycket roligare då!!


    1. Var i San Francisco ligger Bålsta ? 🙂
      Skämt åsido, Bålsta fick väl nya zoner för inte så längesedan… Det är inte mitt område… Gör som vanligt, öka aktiviteten så kommer zoner… 🙂


  3. Mpmoke brukar hålla till i Uppsala. Var nog en kul överraskning för honom att få turfa over there.


    1. Skulle tro det 🙂 Han var sjukt snabb dessutom, tror att zonerna var max 1-2 tim gamla när dom började plockas. Oannonserat.


  4. The new zones in SF are great. I did rent a bike and had a full day with nice turfing.
    To save battery I shut down between the zones and you probably grabbed screen just when I was moving on.
    To save data I was playing in grid mode (no map) and that made it even more exciting(I was planning before and marked zones on a map ).
    Eventually I ran out of battery(when I was trying to take USFCENTER which was unreachable due to heavy construction work 😦 ) and time so I had to give up.
    But I am aiming for another turf session the coming weekend when I have more spare time to explore San Fransisco and if I turf day and night I maybe can take some other bay area zones?
    Thanks for great work laying out the zones in SF and the bay area. 🙂


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