Bonanza preparations + Poll!

Me and the turfweiler Hjalle are for the moment in the garage doing some preparations and adjustments on the turfbike and turfequimpent. We leave nothing unprepared!.


Hjalle is very tired, he has been sick and has spent two nights att the pethospital. Hopefully he will fully recover and be among us a couple of more years.
We just came home from a short walk and when we came to tjuvzonen turfer chrome was standing there!
What was he thinking?
We rushed inside the zone, the meter was counting down….
Being a turfmaster with shorter takeover time has it’s benefits 🙂 the zone was mine! Better luck next time chrome! 🙂

It was not the first meeting, we had a nice chat and went different routes after a while. It was then I noticed it…..

Does chrome ride a electric bike?? I must check it out next time!

Later on I was biking and taking a couple of zones towards Sundbyberg when I was meeting up with my girlfriend. After meeting up close to Bellsbridge we moved on back to theifland.

When I was taking Walkpath i Sundby the turf app was protesting (again) this is the most annoying thing and it brings my mood into a very bad state… I want to throw my phone to the ground, shout out stuff that a normal tourettesyndrom person never would have spoken, and finally I want to uninstall the app and never turf again.
That’s my stonecaveman behaviour, after a while I get back to my normal state again… (I think?)


OK…. after some 30 min the app runs again and I have gotten the zones I was fuzzing about… So… I’m sorry, I guess 🙂

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11 reaktioner till “Bonanza preparations + Poll!

  1. Voted for swedish. Like that am I.
    Röstade på svenska. Sån är jag.
    Spelar dock ingen större roll då jag kör med Chrome och kan översätta till svenska om det blir för tungt.


  2. Så så Zontjuven… så illa var det väl inte. Att säga att man vill sluta turfa är väldigt hårda ord. =)


  3. Låter som du haft en dålig början på månaden. Hoppas Hjalle piggar på sig, och du vet väll att turf ”bara” är ett spel 🙂 man vinner lite zoner och förlorar enormt många 😉


  4. I suppose english could be nice for the international turfers, or soon-to-be turfers, since a blog tell the truth of how the game is experienced, and everything related to it. Do you get any hits from international ip? Otherwise, swedish might be preferable, for now,


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