Back in the days…

Been really lazy lately and have been focusing to much on unique zones the last couple of months. Beacuse of that my take zones stats has been really low, and the scale shows higher numbers… :-/

It’s time to change that!
Plus I really need the workout that comes with taking many zones. So therefor I started up yesterday with a longer run for zones.
It took me to the top turfer yesterday, first time in months… In all 111, I took 19 in the morning run. I was planning to end my session home at the TjuvZonen but the little skank Eddyeueue was blocking it…
I’m getting closer to the 7,5k medal, hopefully the Bonanza training will take me closer to that 🙂

Well, lookout I’m back to the days when I held my stats high 🙂

Here’s a map from Eddys stat page that shows my afterwork session:
Already lost some 75 zones of them, but what the heck… It’s all about TP, right? 🙂

Here’s a pic from TjuvZonen in the early beginning of TURF!